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One On One Coaching

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They say practice makes perfect, but I believe that the key is not simply practice, but process, engaging in something with your full attention that makes perfect. So often, I work with women who jump around from project to project. First they have one idea they work on, then they switch to something else. Maybe the money isn’t coming right away, or they get bored, or they don’t want to put in the work but want the results. They end up with different things going on but nothing that has gone full-term. If you’re constantly switching directions, scrambling for the quickest way to reach a goal, that sends a message out into the universe that you’re simply not ready. You’re in fear mode wanting the quickest solution to bring you comfort and security. The only way Out is to go in, take the journey, and really do the work.

How many conferences or retreats have you attended, feeling high on life, only to return  home as the inspiration fizzles. How many times have you told yourself, “I’m going to do it this time!” “this is my month!” “I’m ready for change” and a few days later you’re back to the same ol same ol.... subpar results. 

I used  to be surprise when something on my vision board popped into my life. I didn’t realize it wasn’t just happening TO me, it was happening THROUGH me. 

I had put it there. 

I had placed these dreams and desires experiences within my mind as aspirations. 

The dreams came to life when the time and circumstances were right. Not when it was convenient for me or my ego, but when I had done the inspired/aligned work and was ready to fully and body what it meant to be in that moment that I aspire to.

Manifesting is not just wishing and hoping. When the universe knows you’re ready, it swan dives into your life and everything you need to take that next step will be given to you. And that takes aligned inspired ACTION, constantly. 

It’s learning your process. 

There is something you want more than anyone else does. You’re driven and have serious ambition. You think outside the box; you’ve decimated the damn box. You’re a pretty pioneer out to explore what the world has waiting for you. You have a pure and fixed vision of what makes a difference and you hustle to go get it. You Have a fierce energy pulsing through you that is matched by your unique talents. .... But you don’t completely trust or know the process and that keeps your playing small. 

 Does this sound like you?

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to step out of that cozy safe place. Extend yourself and shatter the barriers. Do things your way. Find and committed to your process, your own method. It’s fine to look to others for inspiration, but you can create your blueprint for success. Learn your strengths, learn to love them learn how to finally go BIG. 

I’m currently reopening enrollment to my personal coaching program. This program sold out in April and will absolutely sell out this round.  

This will be my last round until after summer so let’s DO the damn thing, babe. 

For the boss babe SERIOUS about leveling up her business and mindset. If you aren’t ready to get uncomfortable and grow, this isn’t the coaching for you

You will ABSOLUTELY transform your business if you SHOW UP for yourself, for our coaching and for your goal driven tasks. I am here to walk you through the tools, processes and resources I’ve perfected that took me to becoming a top industry recruiter, top sales performer and top leader within my industry.

 I can’t even tell you how excited I am for this transformative/powerful Mastermind.

Here is what it will involve:

1 exploratory/goal setting/road mapping call where we clearly define HOW you want to uplevel your business and exactly what steps are needed to get you there. We will talk mindset, blocks, limiting beliefs as well as the daily activity and and income producing processes to transform your journey.

Weekly personal calls with specific action plans/homework detailed around your goals.

1 team coaching call. I am available to coach over any topic you feel your team could benefit from in a group environment.

Private VIP Mastermind Group with exclusive content & training.

Weekly “Office Hour” lives in our group setting

Daily access via email Mon-Fri


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